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Jessie's Girls E-books

  1. When will my book ship?
  2. Can I use these programs for fitness competitions?
  3. I’m a beginner, can I do these programs?
  4. Is this program for women only?
  5. My friend is doing the program with me, can she be added to the Facebook group?
  6. I need permission to print my e-book
  7. Can I save the e-book to my phone?
  8. How do I purchase an e-book as a gift?
  9. Do I lose access to the private Facebook group when I finish a program?
  10. Do I have to start the program as soon as I purchase it?
  11. Do I need a gym membership?
  12. Can I adapt the programs to my busy schedule?
  13. Is a meal plan included in the e-books?
  14. Can I follow this program if I have food allergies?
  15. Can I follow this program if I am vegan or vegetarian?
  16. Can I use a gift card for an e-book?
  17. I lost my e-book, how do I get another copy?
  18. I entered the wrong email when signing up, how do I change it?
  19. Someone bought a book for me, how do I log in and get it?
  20. What if I don’t have access to all the equipment in the program?
  21. Can I do the Pregnancy Edition from home?
  22. Which book is best for post-pregnancy?
  23. If a book is updated, do I have to re-purchase it?
  24. I purchased the wrong book, what should I do?
  25. What equipment is required for the programs?
  26. Which e-Book should I choose?
  27. What is the difference between the Jessie's Girls Training Programs and the Members Only Workouts?
  28. Does Jessie calculate my macros?
  29. Is Membership included with E-book Purchase?
  30. Is there a meal plan provided in the Jessie's Girls Training Programs?
  31. Can I print my e-book?
  32. Can I get a refund?
  33. How do I join the private Facebook Group?
  34. How do I download my e-book?